Technology In The Physical Education

Online Video Analysis
Register for a free account and enter the access code ACE201 to join the ACHPER SA space to see the full features of this amazing tool. Upload your own videos and have your students analyse technique anywhere they have a computer.

Meeting Words - Collaborative Writing
Setup an online document that can be edited live by anyone who shares the web link unique to your pad. Changes are reflected instantly and make this a great place to collaborate on group projects. Try collaborating on this document

Twitter - Instant PD
By far the most valuable way to connect, share and learn as much as you can about health/PE. Follow this blog post to get started - Brainstorm/Mind mapping

Audio Boo or recordMP3

Edomodo - Social Networking
The 100% free educational equivalent of facebook, allowing teachers to setup online classes in seconds. Invite students via access code unique to your class and post content, even have students submit assignments 24/7. Join the ACHPER edmodo space to test it out using the following code yljo8n - App building

Build a mobile app for your school or class in minutes. Follow the video tutorial here

Wall Wisher - Collaborative Brainstorming

Work together on a virtual pinboard to share ideas/brainstorm

Zygote Body - Anatomy
The google earth of the human body allowing you to view all systems in amazing detail

Screenr - Record your screen and narration into a video which can then be shared via a simple web link. Have students narrate over the top of a PowerPoint or other digital artefact, generating revision material.

Diigo - Bookmarking
Never forget a webpage again. Use this tool to keep track and organise everything you find or others find on the web in a snap. Here are my bookmarks for you to check out

Wikispaces - Collaborative online spaces
Build a simple but effective online resource for content. Your looking at a free wikispace right now. See a class example in action here

Jeopardy Labs - Instant Jeopardy Games

Wordle - Word Cloud Generator
Use this to create groovy word clouds of key content. Help students visualise learning in a different way

DropBox - Auto backup your files

QR Stuff - QR Code Generator
Make QR codes and use them in your PE classes with amazing results. For a heap of ideas check out


YouTube without distractions

Print Friendly print any webpage and make it look great, remove ads and other distractions Curate own online magazine. Check out a Health and PE magazine example here

Todays MeetCreate an instant chat room for discussion of concepts. Great in the background while the class is watching a movie. Maximises engagement

FitBolt - Install this on your students computers to get them active during theory lessons

Mobile Apps in Physical Education

Apps in PE