Thanks to everyone for attending the session. The ‘Mobiles In The Classroom’ session was streamed live and as such you can view a recording of the stream below. Thanks to @steve_collis for providing the Ustream.

Resources & – Used to send SMS/MMS messages to contacts from your computer – See the Innovation Showcase Tab to learn more about how this all works with video demonstrations etc.
Response Gathering Tools & & – Used as an audience response tool.
Bluetooth File Server – Software used to create a bluetooth server that automatically sends files to devices as they move pased the computer. Very handy for delivering information to students see my blog post here.
Mobile Website – Use this website to turn any standard website into a mobile friendly scaled down version
Mobile Blogging – Use this website to create your own mobile blogs.
Mobile Quzzing/Surveys – Create mobile surveys – Create mobile quizzes that can be completed on students mobile phones. Results are sent via SMS to the author
Mobile Video Broadcasting – Use this to stream video live to the internet turning your phone into a powerful broadcasting tool
QR Codes -Telstra’s Explanation of QR codes – A massive list of QR Code reading software for your phone. Your bound to have a compatible phone. – Telstras QR Code Generator – Use this to generate QR codes of a variety of different types
My blogs about QR Codes in education can be found here